Sehwan "Kevin" Kim.

I take many roles in multiple area such as Graphics Designer, Content Creator, Marketing, Management. Scroll down to see detail information about me.

About me
About me

Sehwan Kim - Kevin

I come from South Korea and I have stayed in Asia in most of my life. I have studied in various international school from primary school to high school in Hanoi, Vietnam, and took its next journey at the age of 19 to study Design, Digital Media at RMIT University where I realized I was born to become industry person in Design, and Film Making.

In order to maintain and develop the current skills that I have in this area, I do own a personal YouTube channel related to Technology and IT which has over 29,000 subscribers, and during the process of designing and making content, I always love to design its content with new ideas and engaging directions that was never done in the industry, but also visually promising towards its viewers.

[2020.01 ~] Content Creator in YouTube - has over 29,000 subscribers

[2020.03 ~ 2021.05] Graphics Designer in Dire Wolves, Australian Esports team

[2017.10 ~ 2019.09] Head Director in OZ Gaming, South Korean Esports team


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe After Effects




Adobe Illustrator


Photography & Filming

Youtube - Kevin Youtube content creator in Tech & IT area.
ECLIPSE Media Korean Esports Productions
Dire Wolves Australian Esports Team
OZ-Gaming Korean Esports team
Rocket Jumper RMIT Endless Runner Interactive Web Project
Chasing Dreams in Esports RMIT Major Project - Documentary in Esports industry
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