Chasing Dreams in Esports - RMIT Major Project

"Esports stands for Electronic Sports which is the world of competitive, organized video gaming in which players compete with other teams in the same games that are popular at-home gamers, such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more. Also, the market in esports is significantly getting valuable and popular every year, and I have previously worked in this industry in past years.

This project is 12 minutes long of a documentary film centred on current & past esports players playing in South Korea telling the behind the scenes, what kind of challenges and difficulties do players face, and why have they joined this industry.

South Korea is very well-known for its domination in the global esports industry and created multiple legendary esports atheletes.

Even though the community of esports is getting bigger over time, the perspective of esports is still not good for most people and believes that esports players play games for fun and spend their whole life just playing games.

In order for people to understand a little bit of their emotions and feeling, I have decided to create a short documentary film of the behind-the-scenes of esports.

Two characters representing in this Documentary
Prototype Testing - Version 1.0
Prototype Testing - Chromakey
Prototype Testing - Modify visuals in After Effects
"Very storytelling, Emotional, and Great project before graduating Bachelor" Nguyen Hoang Giang, Associate Lecturer of RMIT Saigon South Campus

"Chasing Dreams in Korean Esports - Documentary Video