KEVIN 케빈 - IT 리뷰 Youtube channel

"KEVIN 케빈 - IT 리뷰" is Tech and IT based Youtube channel, currently has over 29,000 subscribers and based in viewers from South Korea.

This channel has three types of main content, which one of them is called "Tech Today (테크투데이)", talking about latest tech news and rumours on upcoming product such as smartphones, laptop, earbuds, and more.

Other content called "Tech-Inside (테크인사이드)", and "Open The Tech (오픈더테크)", is to unbox and review the latest product released into its market, and show out its detailed-expression, and discuss both pros and cons and make consumers, or viewers to understand whether that product is worth it or not.

As I am owning this YouTube channel, my responsibility is to produce, plan, and edit multiple daily content, as well as getting in touch with multiple partners, and companies like Samsung, Belkin, ASUS, and more.

"Tech Today - 테크투데이", discussing and analyzing iPhone 14 Pro pre-order details
iPhone 14 Pro - Short Term Review
"Tech Live - 테크라이브", live watch-party on Samsung's Galaxy Z Series Event 2022

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