Australian Esports team - Dire Wolves

The Dire Wolves are one of Asia's leading esports brands based in New Zealand and Sydney dedicated to supporting players and delivering incredible fan experiences.

They have over 35 players currently playing as Dire Wolves in various esports games such as Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and 4 other esports games.

My role in Dire Wolves was to be Graphics Designer in Dire Wolves over an year, and my responsibility was to help out creating their social media graphics, create jersey design and communicate and work by online with the teams located in Sydney office.

Dire Wolves Esports jersey concept
Today's MVP promotional image in Dire Wolves' Twitter
Today's match up promotional image in Dire Wolves' Twitter

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"He is best, and active graphics designer out there in Esports community" Toby "Udysof" Horne, Head of Content in Dire Wolves

Worked from 2020.03 ~ 2021.05